Snowbird Environmental Systems is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

There are three locations

  • Administrative Office, 3035 Powers Avenue #4
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Test Facilities, 4874 Victor Street
  • Manufacturing, Assembly and Test Facilities, 4876 Victor Street

The above locations total approximately 40,000 square feet. We have 480 Volt 3 Phase power and 1,000 Amps of service at one Victor Street facility, 1,200 amps of service at the other.

Each of the manufacturing sites utilize a flexible manufacturing concept where either defense or commercial units can be built.

Each of these facilities is equipped with a loading dock and is strategically located at main thoroughfares off of University Blvd. and Interstate I-95.

Each location can accept 53 foot trailers for delivery and shipment of materials and products.

At present the Corporation employs skilled Technicians as well as Administrative, Engineering and Quality Assurance Personnel.

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