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Snowbird Environmental Systems is the nation’s premier manufacturer of Environmental Control Units (ECU’s) for use by the US Department of Defense (’DOD’).

We Design and Manufacture Ruggedized Air Conditioners

The Company was founded in 1992 and is based in Jacksonville, FL Snowbird designs and manufactures ruggedized air conditioners that will operate in severe environmental conditions. The Company is a prime contractor to the DOD and also sells its products to other military contractors that integrate Snowbird’s ECU’s into systems ultimately used by the military. Snowbird’s products are deployed into mobile military equipment including the Navy hovercraft (’LCACs’), Predator drone ground support units, transport vehicles including trucks and Humvees, and Navy/Marine mobile facility shelters located throughout the world.

Our Equipment Operates in Extreme Environmental Conditions

The Company’s products are used to cool/heat sophisticated electronic equipment used in some of the most advanced mobile systems deployed by the US military. These systems are designed to be operational in extreme environmental conditions, including long-term exposure to severe heat, vibration, sand and dust, and salt water/salt fog conditions.

Commercial Division for Commercial Applications

To complement the DOD related products, Snowbird has created a Commercial Division which will design and develop products for commercial applications. These products include stand-alone condensing units for commercial refrigeration applications, air handling systems for food processing facilities, and air handling units for commercial and residential make-up air requirements utilizing VRF (’variable refrigerant flow’) technology. New product announcements for the Commercial Division will be posted in the News area of this website - so check back periodically for updates.

Variety of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Components

In addition the Commercial Division distributes a variety of refrigeration / air conditioning components to both contractors and other manufacturers. The distribution line presently consists of a family of high quality ball valves at attractive prices. The distribution line will be expanding over the coming months.

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